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Hello and welcome......

About Us

First and foremost, thank you very much for stopping by.


Sudorroc Home Designs has been established since 2018. Your newest home for all things custom and unique, aiming to provide an excellent service that will have you wanting more....​ 

The journey began in late 2016, just doing odd jobs and improving things around the house. As 2017 arrived it was more apparent my hobby had rekindled a long lying passion. I found myself taking more of an interest in the many home improvement/ DIY shows on tv and the videos across the social media platforms available. I started to acquire the basic beginners tools, drill, impact driver, circular saw to get me going. This is where the bigger house projects began.

Fast forward to 2018, this is where it all came to light of what exactly I wanted to do, it was like a bulb came on [cue lightbulb noise] hahaha!!!. I had to sit down and think how I wanted to approach this. 

First things first, what would I call this new venture????? I wanted to create something different then just using my full name as it's spelt, so I began looking up different anagrams of my my first and last name but wasn't liking what I saw. I even started looking other family members name to see if that could work, and once again I didn't like anything that came to mind. Then when I thought all was lost, there it was....... just use my last name!. Instead of having the name jumbled or abbreviated I just flipped it round and spelt it backwards Corrodus->Sudorroc.

Once again, many thanks.

Diego Corrodus

Owner - Sudorroc Home Designs

About Me

Hi I'm Diego. I was born and raised in London, England. I spent my childhood and early adulthood there before deciding to take leap across the pond and move to America. That by far was the hardest, but best decision I made and haven't looked back since. As a child I had the early enjoyment of building things, my first ever interaction (like with most children) was with those little colorful plastic blocks. I would literally spend hours upon hours playing with that. As I got older I found myself I being fascinated with how products worked and regularly myself taking items part seeing how operate and how they are structurally made. 


Away from woodworking/ DIY, I like my sports. I'm a huge football (soccer) fan - go Chelsea FC. I've been a loyal supporter for 30+ years now. Since being in Florida, I have begun to follow my local team Orlando City Soccer and of course the USMNT & USWNT. I also love my motorsports.

My other interests are music, food, traveling - exploring new places and people, cars and space. I love reading about our solar system and galaxies. 

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